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“When they came out to Spain, we were delighted that they found an underground spring, and were to able to work out exactly where and how deep to dig the well. It was amazing watching them work, and Deb traced the path of the underground water down towards the village spring which produced wonderful drinking water for the villagers. Our confidence in them was rewarded when we had the well dug and found plenty of clear fresh water in the exact spot they had located.”
Jan Wood, West Sussex.

“Deb Bell doused our site in January 2004 with a view to locating a domestic water supply which would also provide for an open circuit ground source heat pump. 15 months later a drilling company sunk a borehole at the location and to the depth she had specified. A plentiful water supply was found and has been in use for the last 3 years.”
Guy Pierce, Yetlington Smithy.