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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this method of locating water scientifically supported?
    • Various independent scientific studies have concluded that the ancient art of dowsing is an effective method of locating underground water. Click here to view some examples.
  • What if water is not found where our dowser has indicated?
    • If water is not found at the exact point our dowser has specified, we will refund our survey fee and send out Coquitlam Tree Services.
  • Will your survey leave any land damage?
    • No. Our only tool is the dowser’s rod. The process involves walking over the site so disturbance is minimal. Furthermore, the precise nature of the dowser’s report can eliminate costly and messy ‘dry’ drilling attempts.
  • How much will it cost?
    • We carry out a full site survey and produce a report of our findings. Site dowsing fixed fee: £250 + travel expenses.
  • Selection of past clients
    • Smiths Gore, Ray Estate, Corbridge.
    • F Lee, Fell House Farm, Whitfield, Hexham.
    • K Hall, Greensyke Farm, Coanwood.
    • D Yeats, Cleughfoot Farm, Haltwhisle.
    • Whitfield Estate, Hexham
    • W Woodman, The Chesters Farm, Haltwhistle, Northumberland
    • L Tristam, Wiseley Hall, Wolsingham, Co Durham
    • R Walton, Linacres Farm, Wark, Northumberland
    • Specialist Drilling & Testing Ltd, Derbyshire