In today’s life, there are many challenges that people encounter either on a personal level or their businesses and can largely affect their economic status. These many setbacks in life force people to indulge with different money lenders institutions like pawn shops which guarantees them instant cash as quickly as they need it. 

Pawnshops are short-term financial entities or lenders which are managed by people called Pawn Brokers who offer loans or gives out money to people who have approached them in need of finances. In turn, the person gives out an item or items worth the money he has been loaned. Pawnbrokers are more reliable because no guarantors needed for your valuables stand as your security. 

Businesses are always unpredictable and sometimes a financial downward trend can be experienced.  School fees or hospital bills, the occurrence of risks like fire and theft, and other relevant reasons can actually force people to indulge in pawn businesses. When the person approaches the pawnbrokers, they access the collateral given to see if it is worth the amount one borrows.  Pawnshops hold the items as security for the money given out until it is refunded to the last coin. 

The items surrendered are called pawns or collaterals. They are treasured and expensive items like TVs, Radios, Computers and laptops, cameras, firearms, smartphones, and accessories, or other valuables depending on the amount you want to borrow. A legitimate certificate is also a requirement just in case the item was not legally acquired, then it cannot be accepted because of legal laws surrounding the pawn business

On many occasions, the pawnshops give out 30 days to refund the money but some also offer some grace periods. If the borrower will not have paid the money at the agreed time, then the pawnbrokers are obligated to release the item for sale to the public. Apart from the interest accrued from the money, the selling of items also becomes a source of revenue to the pawnshop. An agreement signed by both parties on the deal but the borrower can revoke the agreement within 14 days and just pay the interest for the credit period.  

These shops are advantageous to the society because they offer a ready financial hand to anybody in dire need and especially where banking systems have failed, but on the other hand, they can be a nuisance if the agreement cannot be complied with for, they sell the customers items.  Also, the society waits upon the time the pawnshops announce for the sale the items sold are of good quality. Conclusively, pawn shops are a reliable source of money and can be easily adaptable to counter the emergency financial constraints. 

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